The goals of Beyuna

Current developments clearly show that consumers are ready to take more responsibility for their own health. The average citizen is exercising more and paying more attention to organic food products.

Beyuna was founded on 25 March 2014, with a clear vision of the role we want to play in the well-being of all of us. From a philosophy that is always based on "designing a world where people come first". It's about people. About the health of you and me.

We believe in supplementing the body’s own nutrients in addition to daily nutrition. Healthy living with the addition of supplements that have optimal values and high absorption capacity.

Believe in the best results of our products

We have clear principles for our product development and cooperation with nutrition institutes. We only use the best ingredients for our products, which are co-developed from the best technologically-developed raw materials. We attach particular importance to this because we believe only in the result of the product. That the products actually work and that people gain immediate results for a better and healthier life.

Beyuna delivers this quality from products with high-quality ingredients that produce a better health. That is what the founders Paul Gebbink and Lucas IJsbrandy stand for and what motivates them personally to make Beyuna a global player in the health market. To build an organization that adds value for the users of the products and the affiliate distributors.

Ambitious sales results by 2030

Beyuna aspires to sales of 1 billion in international markets in 2030. We believe in these figures because we are also convinced of our distribution channels and the growth market of healthy living and healthy products. This may sound too ambitious for many, but it is feasible for us.

We want to be the leading international company from a networking model that offers consumers new financial opportunities. This model of the future is supported by the combination of information technology, the internet and the social connection between people. Our specifically developed model with its feasible payment plan for all is increasingly embraced on a global scale and is the foundation for our ambitious growth.

Our goal is to have 200,000 affiliated distributors. We have also adapted our plans and investments to this goal. We are carefully fulfilling our global ambitions. From our current success in the Netherlands, we are working towards a stable international expansion.

Scalable distribution model

Innovative business calls for digital platforms. Our digital distribution model is scalable, which allows us to achieve our international growth goals. The Beyuna digital platform, the mobile app, is the foundation for achieving international growth goals, as it is for Uber and Airbnb. Our services and products are available "anytime and anywhere".

"Designing a world where people come first"

New markets are created by empowering people. Through networks in which people take center stage. This is what Beyuna does. This is our motivation for "designing a world where people come first". We have made a clear choice from a vision of the future based on our own autonomy. Collaborating on something important that is good for future generations.

Paul Gebbink, Founder Beyuna