Testimonial Jan

My name is Jan Keizer, 42 years old and living in Emmen. Previously a professional marine and top athlete and still active in various sports. I work as a personal trainer and I am a physical resilience trainer for staff who have to deal with aggression and violence in the workplace. In addition, I guide traumatized youth to get a regulation in behavior through physical training.

The main reason why I started Beyuna is to secure our future financially and to stop working as an employee at the age of 57. Of course we will remain active. The second reason is that I have finally found products that are maximally absorbed into the body without synthetic auxiliaries, coloring and fillers. I will continue to use it and remain enthusiastic about this line of products. As an athlete I know better than anyone how important nutrition is and also supplementation.

I fully support Beyuna products. I use all supplements every dayFT

The third reason is to make people aware of the business opportunities that Beyuna has to offer. Health is the most important thing there is. The rest is only an afterthought and a financial buffer is a bonus to look to the future. An inherited income is also pleasant for the children. Really a nice thought. Top product, top colleagues, top company!

When I think of success I think of the following lines that the most inspiring bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger told in a speech to inspire others and that I fully support: “Trust Yourself Break some rules Don’t be afraid to fail Ignore the naysayers Work like hell Give something back.”

I would like to thank Dennis and Lotte Verhoeven because they approached me via LinkedIn in the past year. Paul and Lucas and many others also wish a lot of success with this international company. I'm in the picture here with my sweet daughter Ginger. She was the one who posted a call on LinkedIn for me regarding other job searches. She’s a winner! QPO (Qua Patet Orbis)